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Support your Favorite Lesson Horse!

Show your love and appreciation for the BEC Lesson Horses!  Below are the many ways in which you can show them your support:

1) Feed/Hay for 1 month for 1 Horse $60                   5) Treats for 1 month for 1 Horse $25

2) Farrier service for 1 month for 1 Horse $75            6) Shavings for 1 month for 1 Horse $80

3) Grain for 1 month for 1 Horse $100                       7) In-house Vet Visit for 1 month for 1 Horse $50

4) A saddle pad with their name on it $35                  8) Total Package for 1 month for 1 horse $425     

Pick from one of the options listed above or you can choose the Total Package to send to the horse of your choice - choose from below! Please make payment in the form of a check payable to the Buffalo Equestrian Center, Inc. and don't forget to make your gifts out to your favorite horse!

For more donation options and horses to choose from please visit the BTRC website:


REMINDER: Please observe our 4 MPH Speed limit while driving on the grounds!

The Buffalo Equestrian Center Board

President –  Dawn Walters

Vice President – Joanne Ruh

Secretary – Candy Bredenberg

Treasurer – Joanne Ruh

Kathy Benz

Stephanie Brennan

Gretchen Galley

Melissa Lamb

Susan VanGelder